Alta Gracia

The city of Alta Gracia is the head of the Department of Santa Maria, province of Córdoba, Argentina. It is situated at 39 km. south west of the province’s capital, in the large Valley of Paravachasca in between the eastern hills of the Sierra Chica in the west and the pampa plains in the east, crossed by the Chicamtoltina stream or Alta Gracia, tributary to the river Anisacate.

It is an old and prestigious tourist place. It is an old and prestigious tourist place characterized by the remains of a Jesuit estancia. Apart from its scenic beauty and its attractive hilly countryside, there is the existence of the Museum of the House of Che Guevarra.

Alta Gracia counts with 47.000 inhabitants (2008) and is the 6th largest city of the province. A town with a pleasant and healthy climate during most of the year, with sporadic snowfall during winter time (specially during the month of July).

Since its foundation it has attracted visitors and tourists and therefore tourism is one of its main sources of income. Apart from the tourist services and its local commerce, there are small industries like the fabrication of soft drinks and textile (ponchos).

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Arzobispo Castellanos 208, corner of San Martín
Alta Gracia, province of Córdoba
Tel: : 00+54-3547-432136